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How is The Julia Lyons Foundation accomplishing its mission?

The Julia Lyons Foundation – a not-for-profit organisation – provides financial aid directly to those in the CF community who need it most. Cystic fibrosis is a very costly disease: continuous medical treatment and monitoring is required, and lung transplants are very expensive procedures. Also, individuals with CF must often move to an entirely different city so they can be close to a hospital with the right treatment resources. All of this adds up – and can place extreme hardships on both the person with CF and their family.

We at the Julia Lyons Foundation believe that everyone with CF deserves excellent care, treatment, and aid – even those who do not have very many financial resources. Cystic fibrosis is a harrowing, lifelong battle to begin with – so it’s imperative that those with CF get all the support they need, whether financial or otherwise. The Julia Lyons Foundation makes this possible by working closely with the CF community to find those who are most in need of support.

DID YOU KNOW? CF is particularly lethal for those who come from low-income households. In fact, some studies report that there is a 44% increase in the risk of death for this population of CF patients.

The Julia Lyons Foundation is creating a much-needed mental health program for people with CF (and their caregivers). Emily can never forget how Julia had to contend not just with the physical symptoms of CF, but also with agonizing anxiety and depression – one hardship on top of another. It is well known within the CF community that this disease is very often accompanied by mental health challenges. Nevertheless, few mental health resources exist for people with CF – a glaring problem that The Julia Lyons Foundation is now addressing.

This mental health program is designed to provide therapists, mental health treatment approaches, and resources that are specifically tailored to individuals with CF – at no cost. This will help improve the quality of life of many people with CF. We think that if you have CF, you deserve all the social support, care, understanding, and friendship that you could ever want – and this program backs up that conviction with on-the-ground action.

DID YOU KNOW? Psychological distress can have a very real impact on the physical health of people with CF. Studies have shown, for example, that anxiety and depression in CF patients can result in worsened lung function. So anxiety and depression not only reduces quality of life, but can also heighten the risk of death. Further, the suicide rate among individuals with CF is greater than that of the general population – one tragic consequence of the inadequate mental health resources available to the CF community.